Ten ways cloud computing can benefit your business

Ten Benefits of cloud computing to your business

Below are ten benefits of cloud computing to your business:

* Security: You can greatly improve the security of your business operations by migrating to cloud services. No company is immune to hacks or malware, especially if you are a small business. Cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services have dedicated security teams that stay on top of the latest security threats. These cloud services are sure to provide better security than the average business can provide for itself.

* Mobility: The use of cloud services means that your staff can easily work on the go. The use of on-premise servers means that there is a limit to what you can do when you are out of work. This is the opposite of cloud platforms as you can easily work where ever you are because you can access your data and tools over the internet. This means you can hire remote staff which saves you more cost in the long run.

* Simplicity: Cloud platforms offer simplicity to your business. Any business using a cloud platform can have all their storage and operational tools in one place. Many of these cloud services like AWS offer suites and modules for various parts of your business, so you need not look to third-party apps. Also, there is the provision of integration with third-party tools with some of these cloud platforms. This affords your business to have a central and unified place of operation.

* Scalability: Every business wants to grow in size and reach. Cloud platforms understand this and provide you with the means to achieve this growth. No matter your industry or expertise, you can easily scale your business with these cloud services. On platforms like AWS, You can adjust the amount of storage and computing resources used by your business as you scale. This means you only pay for what you need when you need them.

* Disaster Proof: We can never predict when disaster will arise. Cloud computing helps businesses stay immune to disasters by properly backing up their data and ensuring data security. If you have on-premise servers in your firm, a fire outbreak or a simple error can wipe out all your data in one moment. However, when you deal with cloud services, you can be sure your company data is secure no matter what happens in your business. The ease of data recovery is also another thing that makes platforms like AWS stand out. With cloud platforms, you are sure of top-notch data security.

* Collaboration: It has never been easier to collaborate than it is on cloud platforms. With the use of these services, your employees can make changes that will reflect everywhere and many people can work on a task simultaneously. The best part about cloud computing platforms is that there are access restrictions options. This means that you can control who makes what changes to your business operations.

* Reduces IT capital cost: Sometimes you want to try out a new solution, but the initial cost is a deterrent as you are not sure you would like it. With cloud platforms, you do not need to build solutions from the ground up because many of them are integrated into these platforms. The best part is that you do not have to incur the cost of having built these solutions if you do not like them as many of them are within your subscription costs. Also, you will not spend money on on-premise servers and other infrastructure that would have been needed if you were not using the cloud.

* Keeps your business up to date: Cloud computing helps to keep your businesses up to date as these platforms are always updated with the latest software. When using cloud services, you can be sure you are accessing the latest and most updated solutions for your business. This gives you an edge over your competitors and makes your customers take you seriously.

* Improves IT capabilities: You have access to computing resources that you would ordinarily not be able to afford if you were not running on the cloud. This helps you perform operations faster and allows you achieve business goals easily.

* Improves Productivity: The use of cloud services means that every part of your business is synchronized. This improves the productivity of your staff as it eases communication and sharing of data.


As you can see, there are many ways your business can profit from cloud computing. With this innovative technology, everything from security, mobility and scalability, down to improved productivity is well taken care of. There is the need to leverage on cloud platforms like AWS if you want to stay ahead of your industry. Migrating to the cloud will help you harness the numerous benefits outlined here.

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